A Message For All The Little “Worriers”

A.B. Dodge
2 min readFeb 20, 2022

A Channeled Piece

Photo by Alycia Fung on Pexels.com

Before you plunge into a world of worries, worst-case scenarios, and possibilities, please read this.

It was May 22, 2020. We were on the brink of the pandemic where feelings, fears, anxiety flew high, and everything seemed cloudy and unclear. I felt everyone should hear what I was hearing… A message that felt like a balm, soothing my soul and thoughts. I had that message handwritten in a journal and had completely forgotten about it. Then I came across this message last night as I was flipping through pages of an old journal. The message wasn’t talking to me, specifically, but to humanity as a whole.

It was speaking loud and clear to all of us, worriers, overwhelmed people who sometimes feel stuck in thoughts and feelings. It was time we put an end to this mental paralysis and reached out to our higher self, “I Am Presence,” “God,” inner light, whatever you like to call it. It was time we listened.

Message for all of us, little worriers:

“Let go of everything you think you know about yourself, of things they say about you, about your actions, etc. Let go of the past. Future. Of any thoughts that are causing a disturbance in your energy field.

If any thought shakes you in a negative way, it is solely the product of your outer mind…



A.B. Dodge

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