Climbing Up

A.B. Dodge
4 min readJan 17, 2023

A Short Pride Story

Photo by Peter Conlan on Unsplash

“Let’s go for a walk, Marie,” Brian said tugging his hair behind his ear. He did that every time he had to either confess something or apologize, or both, his sister mused.

“Ok,” Marie said with a nod.

The two siblings walked through a path that led to the mountains on the east side of town. They had walked that path for as long as they remembered being alive.

“I just don’t have the shoes to walk that far up,” Marie spilled with a chuckle, showing off her black boot with short heels.

Brian smiled too. “It’s okay. We’ll only walk the trail for a bit.”

It was incredibly warm for December in northern Colorado. The snow covered the mountaintops and at least a third of the whole body of land, but it felt like spring.

Marie could sense the hesitation in Brian since their Christmas brunch that morning. Her brother definitely wanted to say something but couldn’t for some reason.

Marie stopped walking when she noticed Brian was fidgeting with his thumbs.

That was enough to be concerned. Every time Brian got in trouble in school, he would do that. She was two years younger but they always allowed her to get out of class and stay with him in the principal’s office until their parents arrived. Marie would hold Brian’s hand so he would stop fidgeting and his legs would rest.

She felt like doing the same below those soothing mountains and spectacular views. But she didn’t. She hugged him instead.

Brian was first taken by surprise but soon wrapped his arms around his short sister. He was a tall guy, six feet five inches, and he remembered people laughing at how disproportionally taller he was compared to his tiny sister.

“Whatever it is, Brian, you know you can tell me.”

Brian took a deep breath. It wouldn’t be easy to let his sister know his secret. He didn’t care much about his parents, but he wanted his sister’s respect. How could he tell her that? Especially after being raised like they were. Church choir, Sunday school, boy and girl scout.

What if the image Marie had of her dear brother was torn into pieces? Would she still love him the same?



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