Death and Resurrection

Embracing daily acts of rebirth with mindfulness

A.B. Dodge


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We are certainly living in different, strange times. After a pandemic that pulled us apart from one another, both physically and even ideologically, the current set of events in the world makes us reconsider what is really important and what really matters to us.

We all seem to like new beginnings. But we are always afraid of the necessary endings. Those on spiritual journeys report positive new beginnings, but also painful and unexpected endings. Endings of relationships, careers, friendships, family ties, etc.

Why are endings so hard to deal with? Why do we keep holding onto past behaviors, actions, and people who have brought nothing but pain? Why don’t we feel safe enough to let go?

Since this is Easter weekend, a very special and cherished holiday amongst Christians around the world, and particularly enjoyed by me, I couldn’t help but think of the Death tarot card.

Who hasn’t seen a movie scene where an important character meets a questionable and shady medium who pulls this card, causing everyone in the room to gasp? Sounds familiar? What feelings does this card incite in you?

I’ve written about Tarot here on this blog and I encouraged readers to see it as a tool for mindfulness and self-reflection. Tarot cards have strong archetypes that could help spark awareness, consciousness, and a deep inner-knowing feeling. After all, we have all been characters in the Tarot. From the Fool who starts a journey, a bit unaware and careless yet hopeful to the person who owns the world. We have all been there and we have all experienced those archetypes.

But the Death card… oh that one. For a full summary of what this card truly represents, you can read my old blog post about it. To make things easy, as I was scrolling through Biddy Tarot’s website, I found a wonderful summary of the true meaning of the Death card:

(…) the Death card symbolizes the end of a major phase or aspect of your life that you realize is no longer serving you, opening up the possibility of



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