Forget about Life Mission. Welcome to Daily Mission.

A raw approach on purpose for spiritual seekers

A.B. Dodge


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It is no secret that most spiritual seekers and students worry a bit too much about their life mission. Following their path of self-discovery and cutting chords with all that no longer serves a purpose, they tend to feel very disconnected from the world.

Then they start questioning themselves on their role in the world. Their famous “life mission.”

What am I supposed to do with my life? How can I serve? How can I help others or the planet? What am I doing here stuck in a job I hate and doing nothing important?

They ask themselves questions like these over and over again. They want to quit their jobs. Become a healer. Save the world. Do yoga at the beach every day. Some may even feel the need to seclude themselves in a cabin in the woods for months. Anything that will bring them “purpose”.

But what is purpose anyway?

The desire of searching for life mission can become a forced and tiresome quest for every awakened soul. After all, life is short so we might as well live it properly, right?

To be honest, I was in the position for many years. Let’s all be real. The great majority of us does not have a career that rocks our world. Most likely we don’t love what we do. We didn’t choose our jobs — our jobs have chosen us. Our financial needs most likely chose the path we are now on.

So how should we live our lives fully, rip the benefits from all its potentials, while serving and helping the planet? How can we do that when we spend one-third of our lives working just to survive? At the end of our days, we have family to attend. Real needs to fulfill. The concept of finding a purpose soon becomes for many an unimaginable quest.

Besides, who hasn’t heard of the famous words by Marc Anthony: “ If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”?

How on earth can many people struggling to survive even consider that?

First of all, that quote can be quite misleading. And also a little bit exaggerated. Granted, if I did only what I absolutely love, which is playing the guitar and writing, I would most…



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