I Got the Covid Vaccine — and I’m So Embarrassed

A “battle” between two beloved countries, with two different realities

A.B. Dodge
6 min readMar 23, 2021


Photo by Rafaela Biazi on Unsplash

I just came across an article from CNN on Brazil’s health crisis that just stirred a lot of emotions in me. The very first paragraph of an important session named “The Growing Perfect Storm” reads:

The Covid-19 crisis in Brazil has never been worse. Nearly every Brazilian state has an ICU occupancy of 80% or higher, according to a CNN analysis of state data. As of Friday, 16 of 26 states were at or above 90%, meaning those health systems have collapsed or are at imminent risk of doing so.

That’s the country where I grew up — where I lived twenty-six years of my life before moving to America. The country that was once a reason to gloat about, to smile, to proudly wear our yellow shirts for. The country that is now falling apart in front of my desperate eyes.

I have been aware of the current health crisis and the collapse of hospitals in Brazil, and I’ll be sharing some emotional stories here about where I come from. But CNN’s article summarized the health crisis very well in a few sentences. Their information is one hundred percent accurate. In my hometown, roughly 95% of the ICU beds are indeed full.

Some of these beds are now occupied by people I love. Friends, family, acquaintances. No age discrimination is being made with this new variant. These beds hold people in their 30s as well as people in their 60s or 70s. They hold everyone now.

Yes, we have a lot of people to blame, and a lot of accountability needs to be put in place. Of course, it must start with the right extremist leader of the country, a man who always denied science, followed by his army of brainwashed fools. A man who purposely sabotaged the purchase of vaccines in 2020 and who has said awful things about the health crisis — like when he said we shouldn’t be “sissies” about the coronavirus, and that we would all die one day anyway.

Brazilians are also responsible for electing this man, who has always shown a weak character. A man who was heavily supported by evangelical churches but who helped a toddler on his arms to make the gun sign. Christian? Oh, the irony. That scene alone should have stopped people…



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