The Art of Letting Go: Embracing Surrender in Daily Life

A.B. Dodge
4 min readMar 10, 2024
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“Whether you want it or not, life happens.”

I heard or read this quote once and it stuck with me. Mostly because it’s such a simple concept. Life happens. Things get better. Things get worse. Then they get better again. And it’s all completely out of our control.

Unfortunately, we want to be the ones who decide when things should be under our control. And that’s the struggle.

Living in a society where our sense of control is the main thing we fight for, the concept of letting things be exactly as they are can cause painful discomfort. We are surrounded by so many choices, scenarios, and possibilities that are within our control, that sometimes we forget that not everything in life is a tap on our phones away from us.

You have so many choices for dinner. So many restaurants to choose from. So many different kinds of clothing and apparel. So many songs to listen to.

We live in a world that deceives us by thinking we have any sort of control.

Let’s picture one easy scenario. You have a nice leather couch and you want to purchase new blankets to go with it. You believe the couch needs to be protected. Then you realize you get tons of blanket choices online. Fleece. Microfiber. Wool. Polyester. Weighted blankets! You can get a soft one that makes your body melt into relaxation. But you also have cats and dogs and you need something that cannot be easily torn up. You find two different ones you want to try. Add them to the cart. Done.

There. You are in absolute control of the small things you want to purchase or achieve. You can choose your career as well as you can choose your new car. You have that kind of power and control.

But you have no control when the blankets tear. Or when your old dog pukes on them. Or when your boss decides to let you go. When your relationship of 5 years ends abruptly because your partner decided to marry someone else.

We have the false belief that we do can anything to control the outcomes of our fate. However, this kind of control only exists to a small extent. We can take the example of someone who gets dumped by their partner because he or she decided to marry someone else. The one thing you could…



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