The Magic of the “I AM”

Reflections on Saint Germain’s “I AM” Discourses classic

A.B. Dodge
5 min readApr 24, 2021


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Spiritual seekers probably have a list of books they cherish for life. Some of these books have been responsible for huge “a-ha” moments with their magical words, which fill us with inspiring discoveries that touch our souls.

I’ve read many books on meditation, New Age, and energy healing methods. I particularly loved books that explored the concept of letting go the most, as they seemed to remind me of my daily struggles with surrendering to life. I have my favorite books tabbed, highlighted, and kept in special places. It’s always good to return to them and meditate on the notes you once selected.

But there is always THE book. The one book that touches your soul and awakens you for something a lot more powerful within you. The “I AM” Discourses, Vol. 3 was supposedly channeled by Saint Germain through Guy Ballard in the 1930s — a time when Americans struggled to remain sane in face of poverty, despair, and sickness. And that was the book that changed my life.

Whether people believe in the unknown and the channeling of a good spirit like Saint Germain or not, it is not the question here. The content of this book, if read, re-read, will blow your mind in many ways. It is life-changing for the truth seekers, for those who do not follow a religion but who believe in the connectedness of all that there is in the Universe.

Saint Germain introduces a series of speeches and affirmations about the power of the magical words “I AM.” From old religious texts, when Moses asked God’s name and He responded “I am that I am” to when Jesus said “I am the Resurrection and the Life,” Saint Germain reaffirms the power of those words and how we should use them in our lives. He affirms the existence of a power that lies within us, not outside — unlike Abrahamic religions tend to claim.

“I AM” is the essence of life, the “God in action” in every individual. The powerful force that connects us all — and where no discordant energy shall exist.

There are explanations of different themes in this beautiful book, but the repetition of the “I AM” affirmations are life-changing for many people. In times of trouble, fear, doubt, uncertainty, some of these words can…



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