Two Sisters, One Heart

A tale of love & compassion

A.B. Dodge
5 min readJun 12, 2020


Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

“We have great news,” says Daddy, putting his feet over the coffee table after grabbing the remote control. “We’re going to Uncle Bob’s log cabin next weekend.”

“Really?” I ask, jumping in excitement. My dream has finally come true! “How long till next weekend?”

“Yes, how long?” my younger sister Maddy asks behind me. She’s frowning. She doesn’t seem as excited, but I turn my glance back to Daddy, eager to hear his answer.

“Well, today is Sunday. So that means…,” Daddy’s voice trails off, and I know he’s getting ready to “scare” me. “Six days!” he says in a shout. I scream in joy and giggle.

I make my happy dance with Daddy and I grab Maddy’s hand so she can join us. But she doesn’t. She turns around and goes upstairs. Daddy doesn’t notice that, but I do.

I follow Maddy back into her room after Daddy goes back watching his favorite show. My little sister’s room is ridiculously pink if you ask me. I’m almost ten, so I don’t need to be that girly. But Maddy has too many Barbie princesses, too much “Disney” on the wallpaper. Her room looks like a castle. But I understand, she’s only seven. I was like that when I was seven too.

I try to cheer her up. “Aren’t you excited about going to Uncle Bob’s cabin, Maddy? We can go swimming every day. And the lake isn’t too deep for you anymore, since you’ve grown. The water probably hits you right here on your neck…” As I motion to touch her, Maddy pushes my hand away. I can tell she’s about to cry.

“What’s wrong?”

She lowers her head. “Nothing, Anna.”

“Don’t you want to go to the cabin?”

She stutters. I can’t understand her at first, but then she tries again, and her words come out.

“Is Uncle Bob going to be there, or is it going to be just us?”

I frown. “I don’t know. Last time he showed up for a day or two, but most of the time it was just us, remember?”

She nods. “Okay.”

Maddy stares at her dollhouse for a second and then tells me, “I’m happy.” Then she is already playing with her Barbies and ignoring me before I get more from her.



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