Yet You Don’t Believe in Miracles

A prose poem about life’s magic

A.B. Dodge


Photo by Almos Bechtold/Unsplash

A group of nurturing and self-sustained cells

have brought you into this world.

Smiles and tears greeted you when you first opened your eyes,

and yet you don’t believe in miracles.

Every day the sun and the moon trade places,

giving each other space in their own glory.

Yet you don’t believe in miracles.

The bees know exactly where to go,

and they effortlessly find their homes

so that you one day will be fed and taken care of.

And yet you don’t believe in miracles.

Life unfolds in front of you without permission every day.

It follows along with no set plans,

simply accomplishing nature’s laws in the best way it can.

It gives you things you didn’t even ask for,

such as rain, sun rays in the morning, and breathtaking stars at night.

And yet you don’t believe in miracles.

You tend to forget things easily, it seems;



A.B. Dodge

English Teacher, Meditation Enthusiast, Writer, Lover of Inspiring Stories and Flashfiction. Visit her blog at