A short story about trauma and coping

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My day isn’t going so well so far. I just yelled at my five-year-old for the third time in a row today. But the last time it was worse. I made Sam cry and now I feel like crying. I shouldn’t have been so hard on him. But how could I have explained to a small child about my darkest fear?

Kids are supposed to live worry-free, enjoying their lives until they become one of us. Until they become self-conscious beings full of fears, resentment, and worries.

“I told you not to slam the door like that!” I say, yelling…

Reflections on Saint Germain’s “I AM” Discourses classic

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Spiritual seekers probably have a list of books they cherish for life. Some of these books have been responsible for huge “a-ha” moments with their magical words, which fill us with inspiring discoveries that touch our souls.

I’ve read many books on meditation, New Age, and energy healing methods. I particularly loved books that explored the concept of letting go the most, as they seemed to remind me of my daily struggles with surrendering to life. I have my favorite books tabbed, highlighted, and kept in special places. …

Fiction Friday

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Casey brushes her Barbie’s long brown hair with a pink brush. It’s hard to brush from the top of the hair to the bottom, so she mostly works on the doll’s “split-ends.” Mom always talks about split-ends, so she’d better do a good job with Barbie.

“Can I ask you a question?” Simon asks, sitting across from her.

“Sure,” Casey says, not removing her eyes from Barbie.

“What is it you want to be when you grow up?”

Casey stops brushing. She’d never thought about that. Her best boyfriend from school, Jensen, wants to be an astronaut. Her best girlfriend…

A “battle” between two beloved countries, with two different realities

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I just came across an article from CNN on Brazil’s health crisis that just stirred a lot of emotions in me. The very first paragraph of an important session named “The Growing Perfect Storm” reads:

The Covid-19 crisis in Brazil has never been worse. Nearly every Brazilian state has an ICU occupancy of 80% or higher, according to a CNN analysis of state data. As of Friday, 16 of 26 states were at or above 90%, meaning those health systems have collapsed or are at imminent risk of doing so.

That’s the country where I grew up — where I…

A mindful and compassionate look on the only child’s journey

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“Don’t you wish you had a sibling?” I was asked many times as a child.

I wasn’t sure why people would ask me that question, to which I would promptly respond, “I’m not sure. I don’t think so.”

I didn’t know why having a sibling would make that much of a difference in my life. I had a loving family. I had cousins who were like siblings to me. Why would I want to change any of that?

Growing up with love and attention from my loving parents seemed to be more than enough. …


A moving story about unconditional love

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Toby put the water rose down and took a deep breath as he celebrated the end of his simple task. Violet’s marigolds didn’t need that much water after all or they would turn mushy and brownish the next day.

For the past twenty-five years, Toby had been watering his neighbor’s garden without expecting anything in return. He would also tease Violet about her name.

“How come you are named after a flower and there is no violet here?”

Violet would always giggle and thank her sweet old neighbor. …

Musings on the Brevity of Life

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I have been a spiritual seeker for decades. I have found books that inspired me, made me cry, made me angry. Books that have made me question the nature of reality and even myself.

One of the spiritual book gems I’ve read recently was a classic: “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer. Besides teaching you how to stop identifying with the monkey mind and play the role of the observer, the author gives us one of the most powerful lessons in one of the last few chapters of the book: a lesson on the brevity of life.

That lesson…

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I’ve always wondered what living without worries and fears would feel like. I’ve always envied those who only worry when imminent danger is approaching, or in those moments when they need to act to protect themselves.

Part of me has always had worry or fear as a companion, and sadly it’s not something you can simply change easily. You can’t tell yourself to stop feeling emotions or thinking. The mind never listens to you, and it feels like that is its job to protect you. …

A short fiction

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Nathan tried his best to warm up the cabin. He’d spent the last three days gathering logs in the backyard. He also made sure the place was secure. It took him a few days to wrap the wires around the property and to hang cans filled with dried beans. This way he would make sure if they came.

Because eventually, they would come. His best friend John, who was in the military, made sure he knew about that.

John had shown up at Nathan’s place downtown two weeks ago. His weary eyes told Nathan that his friend knew too much…

Agnes Dodge

English Teacher, Meditation, Reiki, Writer, Lover of Inspiring Stories. Visit her blog at https://energyhealingandfriends.wordpress.com/

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