A tale of selflessness and compassion

Sophia’s hands were holding Dr. Hank’s hands tightly on that stormy but beautiful morning at the hospital. It was finally going to happen. Memories of her time spent with Dr. Hank were pouring at her just like heavy rain outside. She smiled. Dr. Hank smiled too.

Sophia couldn’t contain the…

Two pieces of advice for chronic worriers

This might be the best thing chronic worriers and anxious folks will read today.

For starters, you know how the mind works — you’re probably way too familiar if you consider yourself a worrier. You’re here enjoying your day, sipping wine with friends, or trying to focus on work, trying…

A short story about the love between children and animals

“It’s just not Teddy,” said Caitlin, blankly staring at the orange tabby with big and hopeful eyes at the local PetSmart shelter.

“I know, sweetie. But would you like to feed him at least?” …

A tale about living while you’re dying

“Josie?” her co-worker Caroline whispered beside her.

Josie rubbed her eye as she stared at the screen of the computer. She looked back at Caroline. “Sorry, I spaced out.”

“The meeting is about to start.”

“On my way.”

Josie finished sending the email to the insurance company. She couldn’t believe…

A short story about trauma and coping

My day isn’t going so well so far. I just yelled at my five-year-old for the third time in a row today. But the last time it was worse. I made Sam cry and now I feel like crying. I shouldn’t have been so hard on him. …

Reflections on Saint Germain’s “I AM” Discourses classic

Spiritual seekers probably have a list of books they cherish for life. Some of these books have been responsible for huge “a-ha” moments with their magical words, which fill us with inspiring discoveries that touch our souls.

I’ve read many books on meditation, New Age, and energy healing methods. I…

Fiction Friday

Casey brushes her Barbie’s long brown hair with a pink brush. It’s hard to brush from the top of the hair to the bottom, so she mostly works on the doll’s “split-ends.” Mom always talks about split-ends, so she’d better do a good job with Barbie.

“Can I ask you…

A “battle” between two beloved countries, with two different realities

I just came across an article from CNN on Brazil’s health crisis that just stirred a lot of emotions in me. The very first paragraph of an important session named “The Growing Perfect Storm” reads:

The Covid-19 crisis in Brazil has never been worse. Nearly every Brazilian state has an…

A mindful and compassionate look on the only child’s journey

“Don’t you wish you had a sibling?” I was asked many times as a child.

I wasn’t sure why people would ask me that question, to which I would promptly respond, “I’m not sure. I don’t think so.”

I didn’t know why having a sibling would make that much of…

Agnes Bessa

English Teacher, Meditation, Reiki, Writer, Lover of Inspiring Stories. Visit her blog at https://energyhealingandfriends.wordpress.com/

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